Noah’s Heart kicks off its soft launch today in Europe

More like Noah's FART, we have fun here.

It’s time to start playing Noah’s Heart! For some people. Specifically, it’s time to start playing Noah’s Heart if you’re in Poland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belarus, Portugal, Austria, or Switzerland. Anywhere else, you’re going to have to wait until the game’s full launch on July 28th, but the soft launch has already happened in those eight countries in Europe.

So if you’re living in county Donegal in Ireland and your nearby neighbors are also big mobile MMO fans, the next couple of weeks might be very complicated from an emotional standpoint.

Of course, two weeks isn’t all that long to wait for the game to launch, so it’s not as if you’ve got a month left on the timer. And you can still pre-register on the game’s official site for your preferred device (Android, iOS, or even PC if you prefer) to get primed and ready. We’ve even included a gameplay preview down below if you need a refresher.

Source: Twitter
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