noah’s heart

Noah’s Heart is sunsetting April 29 as Archosaur diverts players to Dragon Raja

Cozy multiplatform MMO Noah's Heart has never been a loud and splashy MMO, with news about its updates since its official global launch in...
Notster Hunter.

Whatever happened to Noah’s Heart?

Remember Noah's Heart? Possibly not. The game launched in July promising an open-world MMO experience on both PC and mobile platforms, and if you're...

Open world MMO Noah’s Heart makes its global debut on PC and mobile today

After about two years since its original reveal to our shores, some beta tests, and a soft launch in Europe, today marks the day...
More like Noah's FART, we have fun here.

Noah’s Heart kicks off its soft launch today in Europe

It's time to start playing Noah's Heart! For some people. Specifically, it's time to start playing Noah's Heart if you're in Poland, Italy, the...
Sure, why not, you get a day.

Betawatch: Aero Tales Online heads into early access at the start of August

Have you heard about Aero Tales Online? We just told you about it the other day! It's going into early access on Steam on...

Open world mobile and PC MMO Noah’s Heart confirms a July 28 release date

Over the past couple of years we've been tracking the development of Noah's Heart, an MMO for PC and mobile devices developed by Archosaur...
And a real universe.

Betawatch: Dual Universe’s new subscription time token

Subscription time tokens! Those always work out well, right? They always fill people with positive fuzzy thoughts and make people happy? That's a thing,...

Cozy open-world mobile MMO Noah’s Heart just launched its second closed beta

Noah's Heart first rolled onto our radar back in 2020 as Archosaur Games' Unreal Engine 5 mobile MMO with plenty of steampunk-fantasy flair, a...
It looks fine.

Betawatch: Noah’s Heart opens up beta testing next week

Do you remember Noah's Heart? Probably not; the last we heard about it was that the game was going to be entering beta testing over...
And a real universe.

Betawatch: Who in the heck is running Dual Universe’s Novaquark?

Who is running Novaquark? Well, we know one person who is not, as the Dual Universe developer has finally admitted JC Baillie is not in charge....

Steampunk MMO Noah’s Heart aims for a summer 2021 beta

Last summer we delivered to you many precisely crafted words regarding Noah's Heart, a steampunk mobile MMO being developed by Archosaur Games, which is...

Noah’s Heart is a mobile MMORPG of airships and procedurally generated open worlds

Archosaur Games, the studio behind MMOs like Jade Dynasty, Swordsman Online, and Dragon Raja, are about to enter the mobile MMORPG gaming ring once...