Steampunk MMO Noah’s Heart aims for a summer 2021 beta


Last summer we delivered to you many precisely crafted words regarding Noah’s Heart, a steampunk mobile MMO being developed by Archosaur Games, which is known for a ton of MMOs, including Jade Dynasty and Swordsman Online. Players intrigued by airships and grand promises have been left waiting for the actual product, but there may be hope on the horizon.

According to YouTuber MMOPH, Noah’s Heart aims to start beta testing this summer, with recruitment opening June 27th and the first test in July, possibly in China first. That’s good news for the eager fanbase that’s been holding on to nothing more than pretty screenshots and the occasional dev post on Facebook.

Even for a mobile game, Noah’s Heart has turned some heads with its colorful graphics and its steampunky sensibilities, including giant clockwork robots and grand airships.

Source: Facebook
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