Book of Travels previews the different means of transport in the game


While Book of Travels is about walking around the world to discover things, that doesn’t mean that world isn’t without modes of transportation. Several means of larger transport were outlined in a recent post to highlight some of the ways players can get around when they don’t feel like walking.

One of the primary modes of transportation is a rail line that runs around the central basin of the Braided Shore, with primary stops at the city of Kasa and the town of Crossings. Additional train stations can be discovered around the world, while Wardens can give insight into when the next train will arrive or hold the train when called to for a few moments if it is pulled in. There are also two-person Draisines that players can use to cart themselves across smaller railway distances.

Moving from the western and eastern islands involves crossing a massive lake known as the Verve, so there are boats that can ferry players back and forth, once more with Wardens to help players. Additionally, abandoned boats around the shores of the region can be found and unlocked via Endeavors, which are goals that players can band together to achieve.

Finally, the post hints that there will be magical means of transport, with ways players can travel through magic knots and tea combinations, the possibility of shapeshifting, or even the ability to summon a Traveler’s Portal.

source: Kickstarter

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