Valheim can now be played in VR thanks to a modder


Bless the modder community, making games we enjoy even better. That could certainly be said for the VHVR mod, which lets players of Valheim experience the Viking-themed survival sandbox in VR using OpenVR and SteamVR Unity integration. VHVR is the work of Brandon “manicmoose99” Mousseau, letting players explore their landscape in stereoscopic 3-D with either gamepad or keyboard and mouse controls, while motion controls can work for navigating the UI.

The mod is still noted as being in an experimental stage, with motion controls for base gameplay currently not supported, some limited GUI interactions available, and a first-person only view. Furthermore, installation and operation instructions are pretty specific, so right now the whole thing sounds a bit juryrigged, but as shown in the video embed below, it is absolutely functional.

source: Nexus Mods and YouTube via PC Gamer

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One of the big things I hated early on with VR for games that weren’t designed for it was the UI was always atrocious. Like you want to see the mini-map or inventory and it was on the side and if you turned your head to look at it then the whole screen moved. This meant you could only look at things by moving your eyes which is kinda maddening when it’s right on the edge of your vision.

Looks like they did a reasonable job with the UI cause you can see he turns his head to look at the backpack and the whole UI doesn’t shift as he turns his head. Not as good as a fully functional VR UI, but at least usable.


Ah, yes. It will not be long before we start saying “Sit upon me with your mass, Bone Daddy’.

… Right? That is what the kids are saying nowadays, isn’t it? All the craze to have big things sit or step on you, yeah?

… At least… I mean, the houses and stuff will be nice to see like this.