Zenith’s Legends Untold update enters open alpha testing, adds full body motion tracking for SteamVR

Fans of he VR MMO Zenith are already familiar with the variety of features coming with its Legends Untold content update, but the devs...

VR MMO Zenith has officially created a public test realm

Earlier this week, Zenith developer Ramen VR mentioned that it would be creating a public test realm as part of efforts to improve its...

Virtual Reality MMO Zenith delays alpha 2 test again, now to July

Small teams with big ambitions are no strangers to encountering obstacles and hiccups along the say, and so it is with the indie team...

Valheim can now be played in VR thanks to a modder

Bless the modder community, making games we enjoy even better. That could certainly be said for the VHVR mod, which lets players of Valheim...

VR MMO Zenith starts ‘early bird’ alpha next month, posts new gameplay video

Are you ready, player one, to enter the world of Zenith? The virtual reality MMORPG is still in its pre-alpha stage, but it's heading...

Kickstarted cyberpunk MMO Zenith features footage of the pre-alpha, teases alpha

One of the big Kickstarter MMO hits from 2019 was Zenith, which leaped onto the scene and raised over a quarter of a million...

Steam recounts its 2019 achievements including mitigation of review bombing

Steam has made a lot of advancements in 2019 when you take a moment to look at it in its most recent blog post....

League of Legends, Dungeon Fighter Online top digital sales charts for November

The latest edition of Superdata's digital games market research is out for November 2016, and while there are no great surprises here, it's always...
The club itself is not elite.

Elite: Dangerous launches Oculus Rift VR support on March 28

Remember back in January when Eurogamer reported that Elite: Dangerous was dropping its long-planned support for the Oculus Rift in favor of SteamVR even...

The Daily Grind: How much will you pay for a VR headset, and which one will it be?

New analysis published on last week suggests that the virtual reality headset war is only going to heat up from here on out....

Two weeks of Elite Dangerous Mayhem events begin today

Elite Dangerous is kicking off a two-week series of Mayhem events tonight. These are designed to draw the community together, test upcoming content, and...

Entropia Universe angles to enter the VR market

Is virtual reality just a fad that happens to come around every once in a while? Entropia Universe is banking that it's here to...