soft launch

Mobile MMO Warhammer Odyssey soft launches across the globe

Are you ready for another WAAAGH? You best be, for Warhammer: Odyssey has just "soft launched" on mobile devices, bringing the classic fantasy franchise...
Very, very, very late.

Phantasy Star Online 2 starts an open beta test on March 17

It's time to open the doors to Phantasy Star Online 2. Or nearly time, at least; the game's open beta testing is kicking off on March...

Crowfall delays again: ‘Soft launch is not going to happen by the end of this year’

Here's a slight damper for your weekend: Crowfall has decided to delay its soft launch into 2019 due to the additional work that the...

Life is Feudal’s soft launch is off to a shaky start

You might want to consider holding off on jumping in with both feet to Life is Feudal for a little while, at least. The...

Crowfall delays soft launch until 2018

A lot of things have changed for Crowfall over the past year, several of them being pretty darn significant. Decoupling races and classes alone...

MU Legend heads into soft launch today

Today's a big day for MU Legend as it moves from the official realm of testing to the realm of launch. Sure, the game...
Bye, no one will weep.

Mu Legend delays open beta from September to November

Those who are eagerly awaiting the open beta test for MU Legend got hit with some bad news with the announcement that the game's...

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online might have just officially launched

The Ghost in the Shell franchise is no stranger to highly competent cyborg ninja police officers stealthing around the city in the coolest fashion...
It's going to be LEGEN- ah, who cares.

MU Legend hits open beta in September

Open beta: the magical time when a game is available for everyone to play at all times. Mu Legend has flitting through closed beta...
Shoot car.

Crossout’s open beta (and soft launch) is here today

It's time for everyone to build their own post-apocalyptic death cars and drive them about a wasteland whilst shooting at one another. Yes, Crossout...

Marvel Heroes Omega soft launches on PlayStation 4 today

Console geeks assemble! It's time to throw off the shackles of responsibility, hygiene, and relationships to devote yourself to a straight week or two of...

Mu Legend will soft launch across the globe with an open beta summer 2017

Webzen formally announced this morning that the global edition of Mu Legend -- i.e., the version of the hack-n-slash sequel our readers are most...

Take a primer on Revelation Online’s character paths

Hands up if you're already in Revelation Online's open beta early access! Anyone waiting until next week to try it out then? Are you...
pants plz

Revelation Online welcomes early access players to the soft launch

It's happening, people. It's happening. After months of anticipation for the next big Asian import, Revelation Online is finally (soft) launching. Open beta starts...

Space Legend soft launches on Apple mobile devices

Here's a surprise entry into the mobile MMO market: Space Legend. Not to be confused with Spacetime's Star Legends, this title is being made by...
Jazzhands are happening

AdventureQuest 3D is launching into open beta in October

AdventureQuest 3D hasn't been in closed beta testing for all that long, but the developers have decided that closed beta is boring and they'd...

Riders of Icarus kicks off head start, has loads of content in the works for open beta and beyond

Today marks the start of Riders of Icarus' head start, provided that you were one of the players who bought into it. For the rest...

Riders of Icarus saddles up for open beta on July 6th

The third closed beta test for Riders of Icarus has come to a close, and thanks are being offered to testers within that third...
Oh. Hunger beasties. Cool.

Crowfall delays features for more polish, looks at a ‘soft launch’

ArtCraft came out yesterday and admitted that it will not be able to make its projected dates on certain Crowfall features without sacrificing quality,...
Open for everyone, just like forever.

Asta opens up client download for its open beta on March 2nd

Boy, it seems like only yesterday that March wasn't yet a month to be worried about, doesn't it? Probably because yesterday it was still...