Marvel Heroes Omega soft launches on PlayStation 4 today

We do what we have to do, really.

Console geeks assemble! It’s time to throw off the shackles of responsibility, hygiene, and relationships to devote yourself to a straight week or two of non-stop superhero action. It’s OK. We’ll write a permission slip for you that you can give to any concerned parties.

Marvel Heroes Omega, the streamlined console version of the PC MMO, is soft launching today for PlayStation 4. Well, technically it’s an open beta, but since the studio has promised that progress will not be wiped going forward, we’re calling it like we see it. Also, the team is not above taking your money at this point, so it feels like a release to us.

“To celebrate today’s open beta launch for PlayStation 4, all players can also look forward to receiving Daredevil, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, as a free playable character. To receive this gift, players must download and install Marvel Heroes Omega and download the free Daredevil pack via the PlayStation®Store on their PlayStation 4 console.”

Xbox One players are just going to have to do a Hulk sulk for a month and wait for their turn on June 20th. Meanwhile, PC players are twiddling their thumbs and waiting for next month’s anniversary event.


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Wait a minute…. did I just read “streamlined”?… isn’t this game already MMO lite? How much more streamlined can it get?


With the amount of dick they are sticking to the PC players, I simply cannot support Gaz anymore.

I bought the ultimate founders pack FOR PC. I’ve probably spent another grand. Them abandoning the PC version for the console version is a huge slap in the face.

You can sit here and try and say they haven’t. They really have. The year without content. The delay on the omega system.