Mobile vehicle battler Modern Warships makes its PC crossplay open beta debut


If you’re the sort of player who likes Gaijin Entertainment’s mobile vehicle battler Modern Warships enough that you want to play it on different devices, or if you’d rather not play mobile games on a tiny mobile screen, then your ships have collectively sailed in as the formerly mobile-only title has now come to PC in open beta format – with cross-platform play and cross-progression in tow.

Modern Warships is an arcade online action game that lets the players experience authentic-looking modern naval battles. Reconnaissance planes rush forward to detect the enemy from afar, cruisers launch volleys of guided missiles and try to overwhelm enemy missile defense systems, submarines cautiously sneak up on surface ships, and jet fighters provide air cover for the allied fleet. Modern Warships is a cross-platform game, so users on PC, iOS and Android versions will be able to play together.”

Those who already have an Artstorm account with the mobile version can simply log in to the PC version and pick up right where they left off in terms of progress, while account holders can similarly hop in to the new-to-them game with those account details. The title promises hundreds of vehicles and weapon systems, with almost all vehicles available to be unlocked for free, though Gaijin and Artstorm are “celebrating” PC OBT with a bunch of bundle sales. So this is perhaps more like a soft launch than an open beta, but in any case, it’s available now.

source: press release
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