Dark Age of Camelot re-engages its Crossroads Covenant event as part of its anniversary celebration


The beginning of this month saw Dark Age of Camelot mark 22 years of operation with the promise of multiple returning events, and now that promise is being met as players can be an angle or a devil thanks to this past weekend’s return of the Crossroads Covenant event.

Players are once again being encouraged to join with the demonic or vigilant sides of the burgeoning conflict in the Crossroads while completing quests for their chosen faction and enjoying various buffs depending on what side they take. As before, the event will roll out in three phases, though timing for those two forward steps was not confirmed. Players should also bear in mind that any covenant progress in the previous version of the event has been reset, so everyone is starting from square one.

What is confirmed is a new cosmetic mask that players of either side can earn and a new mythirian item that will be detailed later. Just in case DAOC players needed another reason to head to the PvP Crosroads.

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