Crossout introduces armored aerial vehicles in this week’s Sky Raiders update

Now with helicopters!


The multiplayer custom vehicle battler Crossout hasn’t pinged our radar too often, but it has most certainly gotten updates, with its most recent patch launching this past September and another major patch arriving this past June. That radar ping has gotten loud indeed as this week is bringing a whole new wrinkle to the proceedings in the form of armored aerial vehicles.

The appropriately named Sky Raiders update will let players put together and fly an assortment of aerial armor in mixed arms combat in several existing game modes, including patrol, back on patrol, bedlam, and in separate missions based on existing mission types. Naturally, ground vehicles will have tools to counter these new flying threats like anti-aircraft autocanons and heat traps to divert rockets. Those who do prefer ground combat will still have the usual options, and aerial vehicles won’t be in raids, confrontation, or clan wars, though developer Gaijin does leave air battles as an option on the table for possible later updates.

In order for players to get a headstart on making their own flying death machine, those who have hit reputation level 10 with the engineers faction or higher will be granted a starter armored aircraft, while those who want to build one of their own simply need to have at least one rotor on their machine. On the subject of rotors, there will be different kinds of rotors to find, each with distinct characteristics.

Those who are curious about this new layer of vehicular combat can either read up the developer post or wait for a YouTube livestream on Tuesday, October 10th.

sources: press release, official site
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