Aion Classic EU blames ‘criminal entities with malicious intentions’ for its ongoing DDoS attacks


The EU version of Aion Classic is continuing to face DDoS attacks that started disrupting the game earlier this week, which has prompted Gameforge to issue an update and rallying cry to players as it promised to continue fighting the problem and gave some initial indication of what’s happening.

The post once again confirms connection issues are being caused by recurring waves of DDoS attacks by “forces outside of Gameforge, mainly, criminal entities with malicious intentions,” while also calling it the largest attack it has seen since and even comparing the scale of the operation to ones that would normally assault larger companies. “In conclusion, there are some people out there who really don’t want you to enjoy your version of Aion Classic,” the post notes.

Even so, the announcement also promises that Gameforge will not give up the fight, thanks players for providing their support tickets and their patience, and promises that additional compensation will be handed out once the situation stabilizes. Additionally, the devs are taking feedback about the MMORPG’s 2023 roadmap to heart and promise to make adjustments accordingly.

source: official forums. Cheers, Leiloni!
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