Aion Classic EU issues free items as an apology for accidentally opening an instance ahead of time

Accidental early access


There was something of a surprise for both the players and the developers of Aion Classic EU, and not the pleasant one. Gameforge apparently opened the Abyssal Splinter instance earlier this week ahead of schedule, forcing the publisher to issue an unannounced hotfix in order to limit the “unfair advantage” early access to the instance would confer.

“This Monday, we discovered that the Abyssal Splinter instance was unexpectedly accessible, contrary to our plans,” Gameforge explains. “The instance wasn’t supposed to be available at this time; rather our intention was to introduce it at a later date, so that players can look forward to new content on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it emerged ahead of schedule by accident, without the intended limitations.”

Because of the lack of communication with players over the matter, Gameforge is handing out a free bundle in the game’s cash shop that packs in a major ancient chalice and some entry scrolls that can be claimed between now and August 30th, while those who “actively exploited the situation” will be under scrutiny for potential action if needed to “ensure a level playing field.”

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