Aion Classic EU’s roadmap for the rest of 2024 includes three solid content drops


Gameforge is still working Aion Classic for all its worth: This morning, it officially unveiled the second half of its roadmap for the EU version of the game for the rest of the year, which clearly focuses on the game’s 2.8 update, slated for July.

“Titled Conquest, the update increases the level cap and introduces the dungeon Phaestos’ Disc as a new instance. It promises puzzles, power, and plenty of reasons to hop online and team up with pals (or take on challenges alone if you’re brave enough!). Adding to this unforgettable, action-packed adventure, players can enter the dark new battlefield of Apheta Beluslan. Introducing strategic gameplay features, AION Classic EU players will take the fight to Tiamat’s Legion by waging war and occupying key areas of this twisted new location.”

The 2.8 update further bumps the level cap to 58, adds two new skills to every class, adds the Apheta Beluslan battlefield, adds the Phaestos’ Disc instance, ups the number of toons per accounts, and fleshes out crafting. The 2.8.5 update, coming in September – aka Dominance – includes the Wall of Lament instance, the Tartarus instance, and what appears to be more content in Apheta Beluslan, plus Gameforge is teasing its seasonal events coming in the fall and winter too. Plus, there’s a tease for Update 3.0 for Q4 too.

Source: Press release, official site
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