Final Fantasy XIV sets an aetheryte in London ahead of Dawntrail’s launch

There is another shore, you know.

If anyone has an aetheryte ticket in real life and wants the cheapest trip possible to the UK, good news, as there’s an aetheryte available in real life in King’s Cross down in London right now. Yes, Final Fantasy XIV is promoting the impending release of Dawntrail next week (and early access later this week) by erecting a big old aetheryte, and it’s encouraging players to take pictures with the sculpture and share them on Twitter complete with a corresponding hashtag.

There are more pictures available, naturally, but fans who live in the area will want to get a picture quickly as the sculpture will only be in place for a limited period of time. Still, it’s a fun promotional gimmick and a reminder of the upcoming expansion launch, if you’ve somehow forgotten about all of the other reminders. Who’s ready for a summer vacation?

Source: Twitter, TheGamer
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