Myth of Empires shares armor and weapon previews for its upcoming Greece and Persia DLCs


When Myth of Empires launched its 1.0 edition on Steam in February, it did so with plans to launch additional DLC based around Greece and Persia. The previews for those pieces of add-on content have begun from developer Angela Game, as it offers a look at upcoming armor sets from both cultures.

The previews provide concept art looks at the spiffing pieces of kit players who buy in will receive, each evoking their respective country’s historic roots and style. The Greek armor in particular has several light and heavy pieces on display, while the Persian armor and weapons are based around the factions that will be part of Western Regions map.

The previews also offer up some updated release timing for the two related DLC, with the Greek content coming sometime in July and the Persia gear and Western Regions map slated for the end of this year.

Speaking of things players can buy, MOE announced a new price structure for the game, which now breaks the base game and Dongzhou map into separate purchases for $30 and $10 respectively, though the original $40 bundle that pairs the two together can still be bought as well. Clearly, there appears to be no shortage of ways to give an initially unimpressive survivalbox your money.

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