EVE Online grants a closer look at Equinox’s four new hauler spaceships in latest video


New internet spaceships are always a big-ticket feature for a spaceship sandbox, so it would make sense that EVE Online would grant the four new ships coming with the Equinox update their own video highlight. Especially if you’re the space truckin’ kind of player, since these new craft are basically large haulers.

Since these haulers are connected to Equinox’s territory control structures, they have space for related materials that come out of structures like skyhooks. They are also best described as varying large sizes (one of them is described as XL) and all of them field missile-based firepower. The video takes fans through each of the four ships in question, discussing their overall strengths, features, and gameplay feel.

While these new ships are aimed at logistics pilots, CCP Games also says it tried to make sure they’re appealing to a wide range of players, hence their missile-based bonuses and other combat-minded abilities; in short, the devs are hoping to make these four new crafts more than just space piñatas.

source: YouTube
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