Amid release date rumors, Tarisland promises ‘exciting updates soon’


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Tarisland has been kinda weird lately. Updates and announcements and test news out of Tencent has slowed to a crawl in the west, leaving players impatient. The last real Discord update was several weeks ago and focused on… fishing. And on Twitter, Tencent has done little but run up its preregistration figures and drop screenshots and clips since its AMA a month ago. It’s not silent, but it’s a bit quiet for a game expected to be on the cusp of launching.

Tencent is not unaware of the grousing (search the word “date” on the game’s Discord to see what I mean), as today’s video clip was accompanied by… well, not a date, but an acknowledgement that everyone’s still waiting.

“Regarding the game’s release date, rest assured, that we will share more exciting updates soon,” the studio says. “Stay tuned!”

Do note that players have been clinging to the mobile “coming soon” dates in June as well as leaks from Chinese gaming websites, but thus far, Tencent’s mods have handwaved those dates as mere placeholders.

Source: Twitter
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