Guild Wars 2 just revealed End of Dragons’ Warrior elite spec, the Bladesworn


In just a week, ArenaNet is throwing open the doors of its second Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite spec beta, during which we’ll get to play the as-yet unrevealed spec, the Revenant’s Vindicator, and… oh yeah, the brand-new Warrior spec, the Bladesworn, fresh off the hype train this morning.

“Advances in Cantha technology have yielded a fusion of firearm and longsword: the gunsaber,” the video says. “Only a dedicated, highly trained warrior can handle such a volatile weapon. Gunsaber attacks enhance the bladesworn’s flow, allowing them to use their meditative Dragon Trigger. In this state of calm and concentration, they can load their gunsaber with magically imbued cartridges that power up their attacks. With their gunsaber unsheathed, they wield off-hand pistols to maintain their flow.”

Just as last time, players will be granted three temporary slots on their live accounts to roll up the new characters to test them in the real world during the test event next week. Progress on them will not be saved.

“The second Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™ elite specialization beta event begins next week! From September 21 to September 25, log in and play three of the brand-new elite specializations coming in the third expansion. You don’t need to prepurchase Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons to join the fun—everyone with an account in good standing is invited. Create a free Guild Wars 2 account today, and you too can be on the cutting edge of Canthan combat techniques.”

Do note that September 21st is also the beginning of the DirectX 11 beta, followed by the first WvW alliances beta on September 24th, so even if these aren’t your favorite classes, you’ll have plenty to look forward to.

Meanwhile, the freebie episode this week is A Star to Guide Us from season four; as always, you can unlock the episode on your account, even a free account, but you’ll need to own Path of Fire to actually play it. But hey, if you’re holding out, just bank it for later.

Finally, the Guild Wars 2 community is once again banding together to fight cancer, this time in support of a fellow player diagnosed with breast cancer. The donation drive begins streaming this weekend.

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