Book of Travels promises early access release ‘really isn’t far away’


Like the space shuttle on a bad weather day, Book of Travels has been in a holding pattern ever since Might and Delight announced an indefinite delay for the early access launch – its fourth delay, no less – with no new launch date on offer. While the studio isn’t ready to commit to a release date, it says it’ll be sooner than you think.

“Finally, we’d like to say a word about what has been termed our ‘indefinite postponement’… it is not indefinite!” the studio posted. “With every day that passes we get closer to securing our new release date, and while we’re not yet ready to reveal it, it really isn’t far away!” We reiterate here that this is exactly what indefinite means: “lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time” or “not clearly expressed or defined, vague.”

Meanwhile, Book of Travels posted four new “Forms” — classes, in essence — that should appeal to different types of players. The Crested is a “naturally dignified” artist, the Ribboned is very much in touch with nature, the Larker is always up for a good time and a laugh, and the Veiled is a quiet observer who craves power. No, none of these sounds that typical for the MMO space, but that’s Book of Travels for you.


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I am looking forward to this as a form of relaxation. They can take their time, its an ambitious step up from their previous works on a technical level, so its understandable that things are taking longer than they thought.

Plus the video game industry is terrible at predicting its own timelines at the best of times.


A quiet, meditative MMO that I’m quite sure plenty of people won’t get at all. But from the community I’ve been involved with on the Discord, it will be a small, but passionate and really interesting niche of people.