Star Trek Online talks about ship remasters, offers a charity bundle, and makes players angry over pants

How am I supposed to start?!

Care for a random bundle of Star Trek Online news? Well you’ve come to the right place, friend. Let’s get started.

Seeing as how the game is all about the Mirror Universe with the latest season launch, it’s given a reason for the devs to remaster some of the ships. STO’s lead starship artist Thomas Marrone not only showcases some 25th century starship changes but also has a bit of fun with the whole Mirror Universe thing going on.

On the subject of ships, the game is selling some charity bundles that include some starships as well as a unique pet, title, and shield overlay among other things, provided players buy the right tier of bundle. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and will be available until Sunday, September 19th. This drive is part of Perfect World’s Level Up charity initiative, with the aim of supporting organizations that seek to build an inclusive future.

Finally, we turn to Reddit for a bit of fun and a community uproar (which kind of describes Reddit as a whole, really). The uproar is all about pants, as some players are upset that an advertisement for some uniforms themed after Star Trek: Lower Decks didn’t specify that the pants pictured would not be included with the outfit and that there would be no pants whatsoever. In fact, the pants in the image are from a Discovery season 3 store item.

As for the fun thing, one STO player has managed to craft a crew based around the cast of the upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds series, and we have to say, the job done by this particular player is extremely good.

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