Star Trek Online launches Season 24: Reflections today

This is expensive.

Some alliances are shifting in Star Trek Online’s newest story update when it launches today. Players will be tasked with dealing with a new threat from the Mirror Universe, but this particular threat is so severe that Mirror Leeta, a consistent thorn in your side, is now actually working with you. Probably. I mean, would you trust her? An interview with actress Chase Masterson even implies that she can’t be entirely trusted even though she appears to have ostensibly switched sides for the moment.

The story missions are followed with a new TFO exploring the mirror version of Earth Spacedock, letting players take a gamble on an attack against a particularly fortified stronghold. Players can also pick up the first bits of kit and the first ship from Star Trek: Lower Decks, as well as a special promotional kit full of mirror universe toys through September 28th. So there’s a lot packed into this update even beyond the shifting loyalties.

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