Sea monsters feasted well on 810 delicious pirate players during Skull and Bones’ brief CBT


Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones closed beta was over almost as soon as it began, but those few players who got a sneak peek apparently had a good time. Did I say had a good time? I meant had a good time dying.

According to Ubi’s Twitter infographic slides, 810 testers were “devoured by sea monsters,” with almost 550K naval battles waged and nearly 7K legendary treasures dug up. There was also plenty of opportunity to cry, “You sunk my boat” thanks to over 750K ships shoved down to the sea floor. Rogue waves murdered an additional 1K ships as y’all sailed your little hearts out a distance equivalent to 70 times around the actual real-life planet Earth.

Ubisoft hasn’t announced its next steps, only encouraged players to sign up for the company’s insider program for a chance at whatever testing comes next. The game is still supposedly slated to come out during the early 2023/2024 fiscal year – in other words, no earlier than October but probably later.

Source: Twitter
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