Lost Ark celebrates its second birthday by reminding you how many times it’s killed your characters



Lost Ark fans are already swept up in the game’s second anniversary festivities thanks to the patch yesterday, but technically, the formal western birthday isn’t until the 11th, but apparently Amazon and Smilegate mean to start early by celebrating the original headstart, and who’s gonna say no to that?

This afternoon, the studios have released a fun infographic. Notably, you guys kinda suck at Lost Ark raids! Players have died around 75M times in the game’s top two raids and dungeons in the last years, a solid two-thirds of those to Brelshaza herself. You also love playing Bards, and you’ve spent a combined 118M hours tabbed out of Lost Ark Twitch streams collecting Twitch drops since January 2023

The studios are also granting a huge stack of gifts to all players, with everything from cakes and chests to currency and cards. And Amazon has posted its own letter to the community from Soomin Park, which specifically addresses content parity.

“We’ve worked hard to bring four years of Korean Lost Ark updates and content to players in the West with as little delay as possible. In fact by mid-2024, the gap between the two regions will be as short as six months. While it’s always exciting to get great content into the hands of Western players faster and see how they react, we’ve also found that sometimes faster releases can increase user fatigue and even make games more vulnerable to bots, which is never good for the player experience. […] As we enter our third year, we’re going to take yet another leap forward. In 2024, we’re preparing for another big year for Lost Ark, while continuing to listen to our users. To accomplish this, the teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG met late last year to discuss plans for the entire year of 2024, and we couldn’t be more excited to share updates soon.”

Finally, this horror. Happy birthday, Lost Ark, but please, no more creepy clowns!

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