Happy second birthday to Lost Ark, whose ‘2 Extreme’ update arrived this morning


I half expected to be able to make a “too extreme to launch on time” joke for today’s Lost Ark patch, but actually Amazon and Smilegate have delivered the update without much of a hitch, as servers were back up at 8:30 a.m. EST this morning, only a half hour later than originally anticipated.

The so-called 2 Extreme update is actually a reference to the game’s second anniversary and not a ’90s Mountain Dew commercial; the anniversary event itself is a multi-week affair of co-op questing, new skins, and mission-going, during which players will be farming up gold and mats and tokens to swap for birthday bash rewards.

The “extreme” part of the release refers to the new “extreme” version s – plural – of the Valtan raid. “There are two versions of Valtan Extreme – Normal at Item Level 1580, and Hard at Item Level 1620,” Amazon says. “With greater challenges comes greater rewards. There are first-time-clear rewards that will be given upon clearing 2 Gates, along with rewards as you reclear. Each roster can enter the raid once every 2 weeks, with gate progress bound to the character that cleared the first gate.” Have fun, folks.

Source: Patch notes
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