Sunset on original ideas.

WoW Classic shares ‘gruesome data’ from hardcore’s first week

Now that WoW Classic admits that it'll never be able to put a number other than "0" over the sign "Days Since a Player...
Sunset on original ideas.

WoW Classic’s hardcore realms officially open tonight at 6 p.m. EDT – are you prepared?

World of Warcraft Classic fans best be readying their death shrouds because the hardcore realms officially open tonight at 6 p.m., meaning you barely...
Maybe not.

The Daily Grind: Are there any MMOs you wish had a hardcore option?

We've got about a week until WoW Classic introduces the game's hardcore servers, which will allow you to take on the game with the...

Not So Massively: Revisiting Heroes of the Storm in 2023

Social media algorithms are a dangerous thing. A few weeks back, Reddit began recommending me the sub for Heroes of the Storm. Although I...

Dungeons and Dragons Online kicks off its eighth hardcore season

"Permadeath" isn't a dirty word when it's said under the right conditions. And for a while now, those conditions have been present in Dungeons...
Doom approaches.

Casually Classic: Six problems Blizzard has to solve for WoW Classic’s official hardcore mode

Hey, look at that: Blizzard's going and making Hardcore Classic an official thing. As well it should, considering how this community-driven ruleset's been the...

Dungeons and Dragons Online creates a memorial for a late developer, preps the next hardcore season

Tucked into the patch notes for Dungeons and Dragons Online's Update 59.1 this week are a few items of importance. For starters, Standing Stone Games...

WoW Classic’s permadeath community may be prompting Blizzard to create a new ruleset

While the thrill and buzz around WoW Classic has fallen off sharply in the past half-year, there's a segment that's actually on the rise...

Dungeons and Dragons Online plans another permadeath server run for later this month

Hey, that skull graphic's back up over a Dungeons and Dragons Online post, so you know what that means! That's right, another run of...

Dungeons and Dragons Online kicks off a new permadeath server run next week

Are you ready to die kicking and screaming and cursing the lag gods for your failure -- and then find yourself unable to resurrect...

WoW Classic’s permadeath community is absolutely hardcore

World of Warcraft Classic isn't exactly a walk around the block, especially if you're coming at it from modern MMOs. Of course, that's part...

Dungeons and Dragons Online winds down its second permadeath server

With piles of corpses heaped in its virtual graveyard, Dungeons and Dragons Online's second "hardcore" server has ended its run. The limited-duration permadeath shard...

DDO wraps up its permadeath server run with an after party

The first run of Dungeons and Dragons Online's permadeath server -- officially known as the Hardcore League -- has officially come to a close....

Not So Massively: How unrealistic expectations hobbled Heroes of the Storm

I find myself in the odd position of feeling compelled to both defend and criticize Heroes of the Storm. The game's taken a huge...
The core here is so hard.

The Daily Grind: What’s a hardcore MMO to you?

Sometimes we have ads that get me thinking. Case in point, the most recent ad on our site for the upcoming Lineage 2 classic...

The Daily Grind: How do you define ‘hardcore’ gaming?

Quantic Foundry's latest report from its gamer motivation study is well worth your time to read, but for this morning's Daily Grind, I want...
lol no

The Flower of Knighthood plucks a medieval hardcore MMO

When you hear the word "hardcore MMO," immediately your mind must go to floral arrangements, no? Well it will now, thanks to the debut...

Tale of Toast activates Steam early access

Looking for something to spice up your weekend? In the mood to try out a different MMO experience? The somewhat hardcore Tale of Toast is...

Tale of Toast is entering early access next month

Tale of Toast is an insidious title that sucks the unwary player in with colorful and innocent graphics... then kicks his or her butt...

EVE Evolved: Alpha Clone economics, bragging rights, and restrictions

Yesterday at EVE Vegas 2016, developer CCP Rise held us spellbound with tales of his recent misadventures in EVE Online recently when pretending to...