Tale of Toast is entering early access next month

Tale of Toast is an insidious title that sucks the unwary player in with colorful and innocent graphics... then kicks his or her butt...

EVE Evolved: Alpha Clone economics, bragging rights, and restrictions

Yesterday at EVE Vegas 2016, developer CCP Rise held us spellbound with tales of his recent misadventures in EVE Online recently when pretending to...

Guild Chat: Trying out for a hardcore MMORPG guild

Welcome along to another advice-filled edition of Guild Chat, the column dedicated to helping readers solve their guild-related dilemmas with both my help and...
Like it needs the help.

Saga of Lucimia shines a light on its darkness mechanics, seeks ‘photogenic’ unpaid CM

Upcoming hardcore fantasy MMORPG Saga of Lucimia has two videos up this week, both on darkness. The first covers the basic mechanics around the...

Saga of Lucimia emerges from ‘the dark ages’ of development

Wondering why you haven't heard much about Saga of Lucimia over the past several months? That's been intentional, as the team had gone silent...

RuneScape’s DarkScape will sunset in March

Jagex is retiring RuneScape's DarkScape "experiment" at the end of March. "DarkScape offered an intriguing twist on the traditional RuneScape gameplay, and the experimental mode...

Indie MMORPG Sacrament releases landscape flyover video

Remember Sacrament, the ultra-difficult, jack-of-all-trades MMORPG by indie dev Ferocity Unbound Core Studios? In apparent cooperation with the studio, YouTube channel OP Game (no...

Lineage II: ‘Classic hardcore is back’

Lineage II formally launched on Steam this week, complete with a fresh-start server, Zaken. There are even server firsts rewards, mostly pirate-themed goodies, for those...
Not happening.

Saga of Lucimia prides itself on group-based teamplay

Soloers, you are not welcome in Saga of Lucimia. At least that's the tone of developer diaries for the upcoming sandbox in which the team boldly...
It's like there's a party on your hard drive and you need that party to accomplish anything.

EverQuest’s popular progression servers face content competition challenges

Daybreak says that it is tweaking raid targets and high-end zones for EverQuest's new progression servers. "There are more active players on Ragefire and Lockjaw...
How hard could it be, indeed.

H1Z1 introduces hardcore Battle Royale, now with bears

Odds are good that you've had experience with H1Z1's Battle Royale gameplay by now if you've played the game for any length of time....

Nebula Online seeks crowdfunding for ‘perfect’ sci-fi MMO

What is it about outer space that elicits the cutthroat nature of sci-fi MMOs? Well, get ready to go on that adventure again, as...

Crowfall thinks you play games to crush… voxels

Crowfall developer ArtCraft Entertainment has announced today that the game will employ the Voxel Farm technology platform. If that name sounds familiar, it's because Voxel...