Tale of Toast is entering early access next month


Tale of Toast is an insidious title that sucks the unwary player in with colorful and innocent graphics… then kicks his or her butt with its tough game design. But if that’s the kind of experience you’re seeking, then prepare to have your tushie handed to you next month when the MMO goes into Steam early access.

The studio laid out its testing schedule over the next month. This weekend is a regular alpha test for anyone with an appropriate key. Then from February 2nd through the 16th, there will be a round of balance testing. Finally, the game will enter early access on February 23rd.

“This is the date you’ve been waiting for,” the team said, “the date when Tale of Toast will be playable each and every day! All databases (including character data) will be wiped so everyone starts with empty accounts. There will be servers in EU and USA. Will you be the first one to max out your character on the live servers?”

Source: Steam. Cheers, CistaCista!
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