Astellia Online has now officially announced an October 29 sunset


Yesterday afternoon, the MMO community raised a collective eyebrow at the realization that Astellia Online and Astellia Royal had vanished from Steam without so much as a word. Further digging provided the knowledge that the game’s Reddit was dead and spammers were picking the carcass of the official forums clean. Late last night, the company that currently owns the game finally announced the closure without any explanation.

“Before detailed announcement, we are deeply grateful to all users playing Astellia for the interest and support. Unfortunately, we have the decision to terminate Astellia service. We regretfully inform you that Astellia service will be closed on October 29th, 2021 (Fri). We would like to thank you for playing Astellia until now, and please find below for detailed schedule of service termination and refund.”

That schedule makes clear that item sales closed yesterday, though players can still use gems and purchased items, and there will be a “service termination event” beginning August 17th and running through the sunset; players can expect a 300% experience and drop rate bonus and half off cash shop stuff.

The official site has additional information, including the news that the website itself is toast the same day as the sunset and that players can apply for refunds for outstanding BENA cash starting September 28th.

Astellia Royal hasn’t made any such announcement yet, but the game’s Steam page is still missing its play and buy buttons, so we’d expect that sunset is still coming too.

Readers will recall that Astellia Online launched in September 2019 as a import from South Korea, so it’ll have made it just two years. Our take was that it was “not astonishing, but certainly not atrocious” – a “solidly average MMO” that had the misfortune of launching on the heels of Bless Online’s capsize. Within a few months, however, it was already sunsetting in Korea, merging servers, and planting stakes on Steam, where it saw an all-time peak of 1,171 concurrent players. The hand-off from its original publisher, Barunsun EA, to a blockchain company was… interesting… and the royal spinoff landed just last March, with its concurrency never topping 600 players.

Our sympathies go out to any remaining players and rank-and-file devs affected.

Source: Steam, Official site. Cheers, Pepperzine.

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Robert Mann

The summoning system wasn’t terrible, the game played fine for the most part, but… it was mismanaged to no end. Leave easy gear for people who rushed, then close the holes but don’t take any action or leave a catch-up method for anyone and wonder why you have very clear lines between players looking for max-difficulty runs and those trying to break through the first tiers of dungeons, and not enough population for either to work very well, alongside all the typical flaws like dungeon tickets. Stuff like that drove many away from the game.

Tried it, liked the general idea (it wasn’t a lolicon fantasy like some said of the Astel system, although the facial designs for everything were typical youth-Asian-cutsey stuff)… but it just didn’t do well in dealing with players at different points, different level gain, and issues that popped up with that first wave clearing things too easily (apparently on a regular basis).

Add a lot of that Asian MMO grind, and most people were done once they hit max level and recognized that all this was a giant elephant sitting on the title.


I know this game had some flaws and I never even played it, but this makes me kinda sad. Not just because it’s sad whenever an MMO sunsets, but also because I thought the Astell system seemed unique. I like the idea of a MMO with a summoning system that is core to the game but isnt just taming monsters.

Robert Mann

It wasn’t a bad system either. It wasn’t the best it could have been in my opinion, but it was okay. In fact, if they had planned and dealt with content outside the Astell system as well as with them it probably would have done far better overall.

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, what Connor said. Astellia Royal was not a Battle Royale
Please change this as it is 1) misleading and 2) gives the company far more credit than they deserve. Heck, I doubt there were any ‘devs’ working on the game at all.

Astellia has been recycled over and over again and each time they shut down with no warning or will even repackage the same game and charge people all over again for all their stuff.

Doesn’t really take much research to find this out.



Ardra Diva

kind of makes me sad that all that work just goes dark with very little to show for it.


Right? This is the nemesis of MMOs. They can’t stay online forever.

Remember that old game from 95 where you had to [insert_gameplay] ? Yeah me neither. But guess what – you can probably find a copy of it somewhere and play it for shits and giggles. You can’t do that with MMOs. Once they’re dead – they’re dead forever. Very depressing thought, and i truly feel for devs who actually poured passion and love into their work.


Half off cash shop items on a sunset game…how generous.


I know. I laughed pretty hard at that statement. Gotta try to squeeze out those last few pennies from their soon to be displaced playerbase I guess!

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“and the battle royale spinoff landed just last March, with its concurrency never topping 600 players.”

Astellia Royal was never a battle royal game, despite what the name would make you think. It was just the same game but free to play and with pay to win mtx.

mars omg

600 player is 594 more player the age of conan . Maybe more companies need to move to Oslo to get in on the government supported business model !