Astellia Online is no longer run by Barunsun E&A, which might explain its new blockchain promotion


This weekend, we thought to take a peek in to Astellia Online to see if there’s been anything happening recently, and as it turns out, there have indeed been some developments in the past couple of weeks. One of the larger ones is that Barunson E&A is no longer managing the MMO, instead handing over the reins to developer Studio 8 and a new, unnamed partner.

“This means it’s now easier for the developers to communicate with the players and therefore expedite the bug fixes and various development processes. We promise you will notice improved game service, and your game data will not be affected at all.”

This new partner may very well be blockchain distributor Bora Island, which is part of a recent cross-promotion that offers a 20% BORA token “cash-back” when players purchase one of several discounted game packages or a subscription to Astellia. The promotion is running between now and Tuesday, May 5th.

But what about content? Well, the game had an AP boost event over the past weekend. So that happened.

sources: official forums, official site (1, 2)

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Kero Kero

Game was pretty yikes from what I remember. This is still running but MapleStory 2 is being sunset? What a world we live in lol. Guess they really liked owning chibi loli pets..

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Ashfyn Ninegold


Jo Watt

Was a pretty underwhelming experience in the beta. Not sure I would bother with it again even if it ends up f2p under this new Studio.

Steven Williams

It might just be my experience with old F2P games clouding my judgement, but I always get a pretty bad feeling when an MMO is handed off barely a year after launching.


One of my baseless tinfoil concerns has always been a game developer using my PC for blockchain farming. Always made me throw up an eyebrow why BDO encourages keeping the game to be running so much.

Kickstarter Donor

BDO is definitely not blockchain, I feel like there are other reasons for that like AFK fishing.

But your fears aren’t totally unfounded. There have been a few games (including a few browser games) that had blockchain garbage built in and would commandeer a part of your hardware to mine cryptocurrency. Thankfully they’ve largely been smaller/lower profile games and they’re caught very early, so it’s not a huge risk. Likely most of us will never encounter it in our gaming habits.


Just a little fix, I think it is “Studio 8” and not “Studio B” who are the devs.