Astellia Online merges its European servers, begins event to boost duos and trios

The shine is off.

Ah damn, don’t like writing these posts: Astellia Online has admitted it’s merging down its EU servers, specifically Aquarius and Canceria. On March 17th, these two servers will be smooshed into one. Barunson asks players to avoid the auction hall and make sure your characters all fit into the five normal slots plus any you’ve purchased. If you don’t, you’ll lose toons, starting with the newest, lowest-level ones. That means if you played both servers, you’ve got only a week to decide which children you love the most. Ouch.

Meanwhile, the game is planning weekly events, the most recent of which began yesterday and is a family-themed event that makes adventuring in duos and trios significantly more powerful.

Astellia launched in the west back in 2019, landing on Steam to surprisingly positive reviews in January of 2020. It’s actually improved its average player concurrency even on Steam since then, albeit slightly, and that’s without having gone free-to-play. We’re currently expecting the guild arena system, new dungeons, astel gear system, and more gender unlocks across 2020.

Source: Merges, event

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