World of Warcraft Classic declares Arathi Basin open for business


As World of Warcraft Classic starts to run low on the remaining PvP content to dole out to its playerbase, at least there is one frontier that it can (re)open: Arathi Basin. Later today, the popular battleground will start accepting fighters level 20 and up from both factions who enjoy screaming at each other to “go mines!” and “head for blacksmith!”

There’s also a related treat coming to WoW Classic in a few days: “Later that same week, the battleground holidays will be kicking off. These will allow players to earn additional honor and reputation while playing a specific battleground.”

Currently, WoW Classic is in its third of six phases of content rollout. If you’re a little rusty on your Arathi Basin, the World of Warcraft fan site Icy Veins has a guide to the battleground and its respective reputation grinds.


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AB is by far my favourite battleground. First off – it has a timed end. Secondly, it’s a lot more strategic in terms of organizing attacking/defending groups and less susceptible to camping and/or uneven games. This will bring in a breath of fresh air for the PVPers getting tired of AV grinds.


Happy, happy ale drinkin’ me lads!
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