Nebula Online seeks crowdfunding for ‘perfect’ sci-fi MMO


What is it about outer space that elicits the cutthroat nature of sci-fi MMOs? Well, get ready to go on that adventure again, as Nebula Online is running a crowdfunding campaign to build an “old-school hardcore sci-fi” MMO that corrects the mistakes of games such as, oh, EVE Online.

“Some people may think that it is just bad copy of EVE Online. But we can say to you — it’s not,” the team posted last month. “This game was made to correct all mistakes and collect best things to make the perfect MMO.”

Nebula Online is looking for $130,000 CAD in donations to build its three-faction game with features such as landing and battling on planets. The game will hold fast to a buy-to-play model (with no cash shop) and is looking at an alpha test later this year. The team is also pushing a Steam Greenlight campaign and has released a trailer that you can watch after the jump.

[Source: Official site, Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!]
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