Final Fantasy XIV unveils more about the Gold Saucer

Ride that dungeon boss!
Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.51 is expected to drop on February 24th, and it’s bringing the long-awaited Manderville Gold Saucer as its main attraction. A recent live letter from producer and director Naoki Yoshida explained several of the Gold Saucer mechanics and events in depths, including Chocobo Racing and the Triple Triad card game. And now there’s an official translation, so if you were desperate for more information regarding the den of iniquity, now you have it right at your fingertips.

Triple Triad’s basic mechanics are outlined for players who didn’t play the game in Final Fantasy VIII: Players take turns placing cards in a 9×9 grid, taking “control” of cards by placing a higher number in a given direction. Chocobo Racing is an entirely new system, allowing you to start with stock chocobos and breed stronger ones by retiring and mating your veteran racers. There are also minigames and active events for lesser rewards, enough to let you blow off some steam away from the main attractions. Give the whole translation a look if you can’t wait a week to see what’s available within the gambling halls.

[Source: Letter from the Producer LIVE at Tokaigi]
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