old school

Wanna feel old? Here’s what Path of Exile looked like over a decade ago

Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the first introduction of Path of Exile to the public, Grinding Gear Games has posted a "then and...
A straight line.

NCSoft announces Lineage II Classic server coming October 3rd

Old-school MMO fans might want to pack their bags because next month, NCSoft is gonna take everyone on a nostalgia trip back to the...
We're going to be here for a very long while, princess.

The Daily Grind: What’s the best older MMO for players to try out?

It's funny to think that World of Warcraft is over a decade old, because it doesn't feel like an older MMO, due in no...
Oh, wow, maps. What an amazingly new concept.

The Soapbox: Inconvenience is not immersion in MMOs or anywhere else

Inconvenience is not immersion. This strikes me as something rather ridiculous to type; to mildly paraphrase Dan Harmon, it seems like should be one of...
Like it needs the help.

The Daily Grind: Is launching a modern MMO without a group finder a bad idea?

The developers of Saga of Lucimia have declared that they do not want a group finder in their game, because shouting and manually forming...
Screenshots are hard to come by. For reasons which should be obvious.

Starmourn, a new commercial MUD, is arriving in 2017

The DNA of MUDs is deeply entrenched in MMORPGs. It would be fair to say that games like MUDs, MUSHes, and the like led...

Knight Online launches on Steam next week

The day has come for Knight Online. The old-school medieval MMORPG, first released in Korea in 2004, is being reborn on Steam on January...
A very long time late and many dollars short, it seems.

Record of Lodoss War Online is launching in 2016

Record of Lodoss War Online is old-school. It's meant to be old-school. The IP that it's referencing is old-school, its gameplay mechanics and graphics...

Old School RuneScape tries its hand at e-sports

Old School RuneScape is gearing up for its first-ever competitive tournament. The contest runs from July 24th through July 26th, and it will feature...

EverQuesting: Why I cheered when EQ’s progression server crashed

When EverQuest's newest progression server Ragefire came online then took an immediate nosedive, I sprang from my chair cheering. Hey now, don't aim those eye...

Jagex addresses continued old school RuneScape DDoS attacks

Jagex has published a website update focused on some of the "more pressing issues" being faced by the Old School RuneScape community. The ongoing...

Old School RuneScape releases permanent F2P servers

Originally released back in 2001 when the MMO genre was in its infancy, browser MMO RuneScape has endured through over a decade of development...

Nebula Online seeks crowdfunding for ‘perfect’ sci-fi MMO

What is it about outer space that elicits the cutthroat nature of sci-fi MMOs? Well, get ready to go on that adventure again, as...