Dungeons and Dragons Online kicks off its eighth hardcore season


“Permadeath” isn’t a dirty word when it’s said under the right conditions. And for a while now, those conditions have been present in Dungeons and Dragons Online, which has found some measure of success in running seasonal hardcore servers that challenge players to run as far as possible in a single lifetime.

The eighth Hardcore League kicked off today in DDO, bringing with it the now-refined ruleset and a few new rewards. The theme this time around is “The Dragon’s Hoard,” which speaks to the types of rewards that players can earn. These include “glittery golden eyes,” a solid gold mimic pet, and various cosmetic sashes and cloaks.

The server will run from now until July 19th, at which point there will be an after party, awarded prizes, and the ability to transfer characters — living or deceased — onto a live server.

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