Hunters lead the pack for deaths on World of Warcraft Classic’s hardcore realms

Followed by warriors, mages, and rogues. There's a theme here.

Skeleton dance forever.

All right, how many of you found out the hard way that Feign Death turns into actual death if you don’t interrupt it before it finishes? We’re not mad. The World of Warcraft Twitter account posted the death stats of WoW Classic’s Hardcore realms, and there are a whole lot of dead Hunters; we’re just trying to find out why that is. (Yes, we know that if you have a lot of people making Hunters on the assumption that Hunter will be easy, you’ll wind up with lots of dead Hunters because it’s not. That’s how statistics work. Just play along.)

Of course, Paladins and Shamans occupy the bottom of the list, with the fewest deaths to date. By contrast, after Hunters, it’s probably not surprising that the otherwise non-healing classes with the fewest safety features (Warriors, Rogues, and Mages) are the ones that lead the pack in deaths. The lesson here is that a lot of characters have died already. Including a whole heck of a lot of Hunters.

Source: Twitter
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