WoW Classic’s permadeath community is absolutely hardcore


World of Warcraft Classic isn’t exactly a walk around the block, especially if you’re coming at it from modern MMOs. Of course, that’s part of the strange appeal of the game: to go back to a time where leveling up in WoW was a struggle.

But for those who think it’s still too easy, there are always the game’s hardcore guilds. WoW fansite Icy Veins showcased the Classic Hardcore community, which challenges players to experiencing the MMO with one life per character. It’s a self-enforced permadeath mission, and it’s not that easy considering how quickly one can get overwhelmed and die in vanilla.

“Against the meta of getting boosted and raid locked, the Hardcore Challenge puts the heart and soul back into the game,” the challenge organizers wrote.

Participants who actually make it to level 60 on a single life are as rare and they are venerated. In fact, this community only boasts six such players who have done this. Meanwhile, the rest are dying in droves:

Source: Icy Veins
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