Fractured Online’s Endgame Changer patch was delayed over tech problems but should be live today


Yesterday’s Fractured Online patch release did not exactly go to plan.

Dynamight Studios aimed to roll out the Endgamer Changer yesterday morning; the update marked the game’s first major update since re-launching into early access, complete with balancing, UI tweaks, progression upgrades, potions, better mounts, and PvP buffs.

However, the patch was delayed “indefinitely” not long after its intended launch, and by evening, Dynamight’s Jacopo Gallelli was in Discord explaining to players what had gone wrong.

“[D]eploying Endgame Changer required us to rebuild a key component of our server infrastructure, which manages what server process controls what portion of the world,” Gallelli said. “Specifically, we had to rebuild this component because of fortresses. While the new build should be basically identical to the previous one and it works on our dev servers, it doesn’t work on our production servers, where processes take control of wrong areas, leading to all sorts of issues. We’ve been trying multiple solutions, but none worked. We’ll keep hammering this build in the night. If it doesn’t work by tomorrow morning, we’ll reopen using the old one, which means fortresses will have to be disabled temporarily.”

The good news is that this morning, he returned, shouting, “IT WORKS! What a fun night.”

“The technical issues that occurred when deploying the Endgame Changer update have been resolved. We are now performing sanity checks before reopening logins and should be online again within 1-2 hours.”

That was at 6 a.m. EST, so it ought to have been up by now but isn’t yet as we type this just before 9 a.m. – but hopefully, it won’t be long now.

Source: Discord
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