Fractured will release next patch ahead of July 24 new server and full game launch


The deal has been altered; pray Dynamight Studios doesn’t alter it further. Only this time the alteration will be a welcome one to fans of Fractured Online as the studio has decided to release its next patch ahead of its planned launch, bringing the update to the existing Genesis server on Wednesday, July 17th instead.

The update includes all of the previously announced bells and whistles including summons, a rework of PvP rules, and an updated tutorial, while also bringing unannounced quality-of-life features like an unstuck button, the ability to whisper to players, and significantly easier farming pickup and loading and unloading of carts.

The new Elysium server will open in conjunction with the game’s full launch itself on July 24th. So all told, this is good news for followers of the project.

source: Discord. An earlier version of this article misstated that the patch and the launch were both coming July 17th; this is not the case.
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