Old School RuneScape launches and then immediately rolls back its Leagues III event

This may just be bad.

Today was the much-vaunted launch of Old School RuneScape’s Leagues III event, a seasonal progression event in which players are challenged to take on the game’s leveling process in a new way. It was followed almost immediately by the rollback of OSRS’s Leagues III event due to an issue with the save profiles, which is sort of the exact opposite of what you want when you’re announcing a new time-limited competition. “Everyone come take part! Wait, not yet, actually.”

Somewhat fortunately, it appears that the rollback will only be a slight issue and for main game progress, so while the score table will be reset League progress should be retained. That’s still a messy change, however, and it means that the big event meant to start today kicked off with some pretty notable issues. Something less than a rousing endorsement for the new event, then.

Source: Twitter (1, 2) via MMO Fallout
Looks like it’s finally resolved.

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