Guild Wars 2’s EU server cluster suffered a multiday rollback this weekend


Back when I first started in MMOs, rollbacks were a daily occurrence, quite literally. Not only was the server likely to crash at least once a day and wipe an hour or so of work, but MMO servers generally got daily reboots, meaning chaos reigned in the few minutes beforehand when folks knew their activities wouldn’t be saved post reboot.

Nowadays, it’s so rare that it often merits news articles and apologies, and it’s exceedingly rare in Guild Wars 2, which is one of the few MMORPGs that doesn’t go down for maintenance on the regular and indeed patches in updates on the fly, requiring only a relog by players. This is why reports on Reddit that Guild Wars 2 has suffered a rather major rollback are so alarming.

Across multiple threads on Reddit and the official forums, EU players are noting that they’d lost potentially several days (back to Saturday morning) of gameplay, questing, cash, and acquisitions following what appears to have been a server restart without a proper backup, specifically on EU servers. PvP records seem to have escaped the rollback, however. NA players don’t seem to be affected, but caution is probably advisable anyway, and EU players are in a holding pattern waiting to learn whether their progress will be restored or they’ll be compensated in some way.

ArenaNet hasn’t publicly commented on the rollback yet as I type this, but it’s inevitable, given the outpouring of anger on the forums. We’ll update as soon as it does. It has now, kinda; see below.

Source: Reddit, official forums, more Reddit, more forums. Thanks, CapnLan and Fakepants, our favorite kind of pants!
ArenaNet has said on its help base that it’s aware and investigating.

A reiteration of this message is now on Guild Wars 2’s official Twitter. Some more context for what’s going on:


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Meanwhile on the r/MMORPG Reddit thread for this, they’re busy arguing about why ArenaNet should or shouldn’t have 24/7 monitoring and emergency alerts so people can be woken out of their beds in Seattle at 4 am to fix a game, because we all know games are as important as our bank accounts.

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Paragon Lost

We’ve gotten spoiled in recent years that that is no longer the norm. (shudder) Really bites that this happened. The one positive thing I’ve decided to take from it is that it does remind us that we have it so much better than it used to be back when this happened all the time. Let’s hope ArenaNet figures out what the cause was and is able to prevent it from happening again.

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Ooph, that’s gotta be a fun fire to start the week off with. Hopefully they can sort it all, but now I’m curious about what the hell even could even cause it >.>


EU is currently down for maintenance.

Matthäus Wey

At least it wasn’t just my brain playing a joke on me.


Yep, logged in just half hour ago and i found 3 characters gone, my main is back 2-3 days, lost all progress i made in them, completing maps, gaining mastery points, some gold after i spent gold on gear … i’m frustrated.

I logged out, i don’t want to do anything before i see what will Arenanet do.