The Division 2 rolls back player progress over XP bug

Not politic

A bad bug in The Division 2 that caused players to advance too quickly in their levels has prompted Ubisoft to take action of the “rollback” variety. Today, high-level players will log into the game and most likely see their progress scaled back.

“We have made updates following the discovery of a mistake in the amount of proficiency points gained from kill XP and have been forced to recalculate every player’s progress,” the devs said. “The expected expertise level cap for Season 9 is 20 and allowing higher levels now will have a considerable impact on the long-term balance of the game.”

Ubisoft said that it’s giving out SHD caches as compensation for the inconvenience and already-spent gear upgrades.

While some players are supportive of this move, others are understandably peeved about the lost time, effort, and upgrade components. Players are comparing their respective lost levels and finding consolation in others’ shared misery.

Source: Twitter. Thanks Scott!
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