V Rising promises bug fixing in the short term, bigger but less frequent new content updates in the future


With the rip-roaring success of V Rising making headlines, a lot of players likely find themselves wondering just what sort of content updates can be expected in order to keep its thousands of players engaged. Stunlock Studios has offered some nebulous plans in that regard, explaining the team’s general direction and overall future plans for the vampiric survivalbox.

Short-term, the devs are focusing on bug fixes, quality-of-life, balancing, and server optimization. After that, the next step will be analyzing data and feedback “to make sure [the team] can nail the master plan moving forward,” with content updates that seek to iterate on what players want. Overall, there will be more extensive updates rather than multiple smaller changes and minor content additions, with plans to add more weapons and spells, new areas, new ways for vampire castles to be enhanced, and more V Bloods to take on.

These vague designs for updates are given similarly vague release windows, with V Rising’s first major content patch not being given any launch timing in order to ensure it brings something new to the table. “Right now we’re taking one step back to be able to leap forward, regrouping so we can move into the next leg of our journey with unshakable intent,” the post promises. “These dev updates might not come as frequently at first as we’ll be taking a moment to refill our blood reserves. After that, we’ll be launching onward at full speed to bring you new dark designs for the fall and beyond.”

Meanwhile, the game has introduced a new hotfix that applies some reverted changes and works on improving the game’s stability and optimization, while the sales numbers for the game keep on growing with over 1.5 million sales being touted so far.

sources: official site, Steam, press release
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