Indie developer takes Activision-Blizzard ‘Warzone’ trademark dispute up the chain to Microsoft

A David-vs-Goliath struggle over a game name trademark jumped on board this month's biggest legal rollercoaster. As we reported a few years ago, the...
Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

Rumor: Guild Wars 2’s next expansion name appears to have leaked thanks to Steam and the USPTO

Awww, we were hoping the days of Guild Wars 2 leaks were finally past us, but this latest leak - purportedly of the next...

Survival MMO The Day Before struggles to secure trademark as YouTube bans its videos

Boy, we hope that you're not holding your breath for The Day Before because what was once Steam's most-anticipated title is a hot mess of...

Survival MMO The Day Before is abruptly delayed to November over an apparent trademark dispute

Just a few days ago, we refreshed your memory on The Day Before, a survival MMO that was supposed to be releasing raw gameplay...

XLGames ties down another ArcheAge trademark, this time for ArcheAge WAR

XLGames' ArcheAge is once again pinging the trademark radar, with Redditors reporting yet another new filing made by the developer last week for something...

Daybreak Games files a new trademark for something called Myths and Monoliths

Fashion your fanciest tinfoil hats and put on your spectacles of assumption because we've got some trademark filing news to chew on. Daybreak Games...

Blizzard and Fox are headed for a trademark fight over the Diablo name

I have to sometimes wonder if trademark lawyers claw their faces when they see certain case files cross their desks. Take, for example, an...
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NCsoft follows up City of Heroes code copyright filing with fresh trademark application

Do you folks remember last summer when we learned that NCsoft had filed copyright documentation for the City of Heroes game code? The June...
Not red, nor falling.

ZeniMax Media is hit with a trademark dispute over a filing for ‘Redfall’

What is "Redfall?" We don't know just yet, beyond the fact that it's a trademark filed by ZeniMax Media (the parent company of Bethesda...

Rumor: Daybreak might be building a new PlanetSide game

So who else had "the PlanetSide franchise gets a class-based battle royale" in the predictions pool? Welp, looks like it's happening. We've gotten several...

Trademarks, copyrights, and patents: What they mean for you and for video games

Has the pace of news moved so quickly that we've already forgotten about Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene's statement that video games lack any IP copyright...

Trademark registration suggests Daybreak’s new game is called Parabolic

Massively OP tipsters Gankstar and Scott both noticed that just one month ago, Daybreak filed a trademark for what appears to be an expansion...
It's a new one! Better than the old one!

CCR registers trademark for what may well be RF Online 2

It's been a decade since RF Online came out (that stands for Rising Force Online, not anything else that could be abbreviated with those...

Trion Worlds secures ‘Reactor’ trademark

No, it's not one of Tony Stark's inventions, but that doesn't mean this reactor is any less intriguing. Upon doing some sleuthing, RiftGrate discovered...

CCP Games buys back $20m in bonds, drops Legion trademark

News is circulating in the EVE Online blogs and forum that developer CCP Games has just bought back $20 million in publicly traded bonds....