Elder Scrolls Online is changing the name of its Endless Archive content to Infinite Archive


Elder Scrolls Online’s Endless Archive has been live for only six weeks, and it’s already undergoing a major change… to its name. ZeniMax Online Studios announced today that it’s swapping the name of the content from endless to infinite.

“On December 18, we are changing the English name of ‘Endless Archive’ to ‘Infinite Archive,'” the studio says. “It will be initially reflected in in-game text and public-facing text outside of the game, with VO changes to be added in the future.”

It’s those annoying and costly voiceover changes that suggest this wasn’t a casual alteration; clever folks on the game’s subreddit have convincingly speculated that the change is a trademark confusion issue with SEGA/Amplitude Studios’ Endless franchise, the most of recent of which, Endless Dungeon, just came out in October and is even listed on Steam with the trademark symbol prominently embedded in the middle of its game name, which looks super ugly and a lil bit thirsty too, but nobody asked me.

Regardless, it’s as good a guess as any in the absence of more information from ZeniMax, which is thus far mum on its rationale.

Source: Twitter, Reddit
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