Fractured sets its sights on balancing abilities, monsters, PvP, and gear


The Great Tuning that began last week in Fractured Online continues as developer Dynamight Studios is making balance and adjustments its top priority in its current and future patches. The so-called “revert and rebalance” patch that was released over the weekend removed an AoE pull mechanic from certain monsters to eliminate a yo-yo effect, reduced the number of monsters a summoned legend will spawn, and made a few tweaks to several abilities including changes to how Relocate and Battle Jump behave, adjustments to bleed scaling for Axe Fighting and Swordsmanship, and some notable nerfs to the Slowed status effect and the spells Ember Dragon Breath and Hailstorm.

Meanwhile another balance patch is on the horizon that seeks to increase build diversity, make enchanting equipment more important, introduce diminishing returns on CC effects and focus fire in PvP, make endgame PvE encounters more rewarding, and apply targeted reworks to set bonuses for armor. This patch is on track to arrive at the end of this month.

As far as the game’s fortunes go, its official Discord chat appears to be generally routine and its forums have some expected levels of discussion (one player even made a dedicated webapp for the sandbox), though its numbers on Steam are pretty humble, though that comes with the asterisk that the platform is only half of the story since players can buy access directly.

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