Fractured’s devs smacked it with a nerf bat to reduce ‘crazy solo speedy farming’


Fractured Online’s been in early access (again) for only a few weeks, but it’s already cranking out patches, and the most recent tackles some major systems: economy and balancing for both PvP and PvE.

“This patch wasn’t planned, but it was sorely needed as we saw gold and divine reward generation get out of control in the end game, with insane amounts of gold, orbs and recipes being generated every day,” Dynamight Studios says. “This had no damage on the economy yet since it’s been going on for a few days only, but would have a major impact in the long run. Moreover, complaints about PvP balancing were still widespread, so we needed to address those as well.”

The team has also reduced the respec timer from seven to one day, meaning you can respec once a day – for now. The changes will not only nerf rewards and drops but make some of the mobs generating all of those drops much harder for solo players to take down.

“You need to team up,” Dynamight’s Jacopo Gallelli told players in Discord. “This is an MMO, end-game mobs aren’t meant to be farmed solo. Crazy solo speedy farming was going to kill the economy. A wide nerf is a hard decision to make, but it’s the right one.”

More changes are on the way in the upcoming so-called “endgame changer” patch, which the studio deems “the first major release of the game.”

Source: Patch notes
As of this afternoon, Gallelli apologized for what he characterized as a part of the patch that wasn’t well thought-out; he’s clawing back three of the changes.

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