World of Warcraft’s Steve Danuser promises that big sword in Silithus is still something to keep an eye on

Just fight the thing.

So, uh… hey, remember when Azeroth got stabbed with a sword? It was the end of the last World of Warcraft everyone mostly agreed was good? It was kind of a big deal! Or at least, it seemed like one, but then everyone decided to bicker over whether Sylvanas committing war crimes was an all right thing to do and then everyone went into the afterlife. What ever happened to that giant sword sticking out of the planet’s surface? According to lead narrative designer Steve Danuser, it’s still part of a story thread that the developers will return to… eventually.

We have not forgotten about that sword. It still remains a symbol of the calamity that ensued in the battle against the Legion and Sargeras. And obviously in Battle for Azeroth, we saw the effects on the planet as that sword triggered the manifestation of Azerite deposits springing up throughout the world.

While that has subsided, that sword remains a symbol. I would say that’s something to keep an eye on and be watching for. It’s a story thread that we’ll return to when the time is right, but rest assured, we remember that the sword is there and there will be a story to tell about it and what effects it continues to have upon the world.

Obviously, it seems like that’s not really a priority for the development team to address; another recent interview with game director Ion Hazzikostas had him facetiously asking “what sword?” when asked about the same object. But at least someone remembers it, and it might be important in the future! Not soon, though. Who needs to attend to a giant sword sticking out of the planet; there are dragons to ride around on!

Source: Wowhead (1, 2); thanks to Mordy and Bruno for the tip!
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