Eternal Tombs boasts that it’s ‘making the most progress’ in development over peers

Also, a heaping of world game lore


Hardcore project Eternal Tombs refuses to see itself as a weak underdog in the MMO race. As the game barrels through development, the studio claims that it’s doing better than its competition and will be expanding its testing pool in the near future.

“We’ve had an incredible month of major progress and continued development work,” the devs said on Discord this past week. “Of all the teams building games out there, we believe we are undoubtedly making the most progress. We’re really looking forward to getting a large number of you into the game in the coming months to test some of the lower level zones out.”

As part of the build-up to beta and launch, Triune Studios posted a lore piece outlining the history and setting of the fantasy realm that players will one day visit and possibly defend.

Eternal TombsĀ is aiming to launch with over 30 zones, 19 raids, and a dynamic GM system that will allow the devs to toggle events in the game world around existing players.

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